What is the migration to ServiceNow and what is the impact for the services Data Intensity provides to my company?
Data Intensity has adopted ServiceNow as its service management system. It will replace our legacy service management system. ServiceNow will be the tool to submit Incidents, Service Requests, and Change Requests to Data Intensity. You’ll be exposed to a simple user interface,which means getting your service needs met in a timely manner and easier communication pathways to the right global service delivery teams.

Q. When is my company required to start reporting tickets on Data Intensity ServiceNow ticketing system?
A. As part of our rollout process we will be communicating in advance the exact date of the transition from our legacy service management system to ServiceNow. Our tentative timeline is for this transition to happen mid-September.

Q. What do I need to do to be prepared for the transition?
We want to make this transition as easy as possible for you. You can help us by making sure that people in your company using Data Intensity services are aware of our transition to ServiceNow. In the coming weeks we will be providing related documentation and training. Our ServiceNow customer interface is straightforward and we expect that going through the documentation and training should not take more than one hour.

In the near future, you will receive another communication from Data Intensity with credentials to login to the environment, and you will be expected to reset your password when logging-in the first time. We recommend you do that before the transition date.

Q. Will I have an opportunity to test out the new system prior to “go-live”?
Yes. We are planning to give you credentials to our test environment so you can familiarize yourself with the tool. We will send a communication with credentials via email a few days prior to “go-live”.

Data Intensity ServiceNow test portal is available at: https://dimsptst.service-now.com/ess/

Please note that you will not be able to login until Data Intensity provides credentials to you; this will happen a few days prior to “go-live”.

Q. Where can I find ServiceNow training information?
A. We will be sending a follow-up communication separately with an update on how you can access training documentation.

Q. After the cutover what happen to tickets in the legacy system? 
Data Intensity will not migrate ticket information from legacy system to ServiceNow; for “open” tickets in the legacy system, at the time of cutover, we will continue working in the original ticket. Ten days after the transition date any tickets still open in legacy system will be reopened in ServiceNow and closed in the legacy system.

Data Intensity has tested thoroughly and all incidents will be opened by monitoring system in ServiceNow at the time of the cutover.

Recurring change requests setup in the legacy system will be identified and recreated on ServiceNow.

Can I have access to Data Intensity legacy ticketing system after cut-over to ServiceNow? 
A. Customers will be given read-only access to the legacy ticketing systems on a case-by-case bases, we have found during testing that a simple report of tickets running through end of life is satisfactory. Please reach out to your Data Intensity technical account manager for the setup of this report to be delivered on a weekly basis.

Q. Have there been any major changes from the legacy to ServiceNow ticketing systems?
A. Additional features are available as part of this migration which will help to provide increased customer reporting. Some updates to our daily processing will be seen specifically around approvals and notifications. Additional details of these changes will be provided as part of the follow-up communication/training.

Q. What is the best way to submit questions about the transition to ServiceNow?
Before the transition to ServiceNow: Please channel any questions through your Technical Account Manager (TAM).

After the transition to ServiceNow : Go to ServiceNow Portal and under Get Help select ServiceNow Issue or Question.

Direct URL: https://dataintensity.service-now.com/ess/ask_question.do

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